How Support SAR Works

Organization Branded Merch

80% of proceeds from each sale with a SAR organization brand on them will go directly to that specific organization with Support SAR retaining 20% to help with our continuing operating costs.

Example: If you purchase a CASARA Niagara branded hoodie, 80% of proceeds from that hoodie will be donated directly to CASARA Niagara.

Support SAR Merch

This is the Canadian lifestyle brand created by Adam Hill. The proceeds from these sales are the primary source of income for Support SAR to ensure the longevity of this online store & being able to continually support volunteer Search & Rescue organizations in Canada for years to come.

A portion of the proceeds from these sales will also be donated to various volunteer Search & Rescue organizations in Canada as much & as often as financially able.


Any donations made to any featured volunteer Search & Rescue organization through the Support SAR online shop will be fully donated to that specific organization. SupportSAR will not retain any amount or % of donations. Furthermore, while vendors & credit card transaction companies will charge fees to process these donations, SupportSAR will cover these fees fully so 100% of your donation goes directly to that organization. If you plan to donate a substantial amount ($200+), please contact us ahead of time.

Thank you!