Support SAR Apparel

Support SAR Apparel is a Canadian lifestyle brand created by Adam Hill, a 15+ year veteran of the Search & Rescue community.

Our mission is to feature & support volunteer Search & Rescue organizations with most of it's proceeds contributing directly back into the SAR community.

Our goal is to help alleviate some fundraising pressure for these units and thus, ensuring their primary objective is to focus on maintaining their operational readiness so...

'That Others May Live.'


**Disclaimer: Please note that this store is 100& volunteer run. While we do try and get everyone's orders processed and fulfilled as soon as we can, it may take up to 48 to process the orders & 1-2 weeks for it to be shipped. If you haven't received your order in 3 weeks, please kindly contact us via email: hey[@]**

Thank you for supporting Canada's Search & Rescue Volunteers!